Selected Screenings:

– Grafixx (Antwerp, Belgium, 2019, “The Trembling Giant”), (Antwerp, Belgium, 2017, “Somewhere”),
– Ladies with Lenses + Punanimation (New York, London, 2019, “The Trembling Giant”)
– Vimeo Best of the Month (New York, USA, 2019, “The Trembling Giant”)
– Sommets du cinéma d'animation (Montreal, Canada, 2017, “The Paramount Comedy Ident”)
– Krok Festival (Moscow, Russia, 2017, “Somewhere”)
– The Centre Pompidoe’s Web Series (Paris, France, 2016, “As Usual”)

Countdown clock to premiere a video live on the Youtube platform.

Director: Arina Shabanova
Animation: Arina Shabanova, Alla Vardanyan
Music: Sebastian Oliwa
Production studio: Little Moving Pictures
Client: Youtube


The Trembling Giant, also known as Pando forest, has one massive underground root system.
It's among the oldest known living organisms. It's been able to survive all sorts of viruses,
harsh weather, etc, because it intuitively knows how to adapt.

Music: Jimmy Stofer
Direction and animation: Arina Shabanova


Teaser for Galka Ep.4 "Kids Set: In search of the Inner Child"

"The 4th episode is dedicated to children. We often reflect on how kids express themselves playfully and freely.
In fact each of us has an inner child who is looking for a way home. Sometimes it takes a lifetime to travel this path.
And it's good when you have a map, and even better when there is a friend who will always cheer you up and tell you the right way."

Animation: Arina Shabanova
Design: Timur Makhachev
Music: Cullah "Old Western Firefight"


MTV Artist Ident by Arina Shabanova

Agency: World Design Studio MTV International
Client: MTV International
Design & Animation: Arina Shabanova
Music & Sound design: Skillbard

Thanks for additional help to Anna Kuzina and Evgenia Zhirkova.


One episode from series of anti-smoking campaign animations for Paramount Comedy Channel.

Direction & Animation: Arina Shabanova
Sound design: Paramount Comedy


Paramount Comedy TV Ident

Animation: Arina Shabanova
Music: Max Brodie - Making me smile


The loop of dance grooves.

Animation: Arina Shabanova
Music: Endless Noise

Part of the animation is used in Animatango (2017),
directed by Mikhail Aldashin, produced by Sergey Kapkov.


Graduation project at British Higher School of Art and Design.

Moving to Moscow 4 years ago from small south town Gelendzhik changed my perception
of home and place. I’m drifting between two cities, trying to figure out where I am.

The life is one big road, with right and wrong turns, with signs which we miss sometimes. It’s us
who choose the speed to ride and destinations. But for now, I’m lost somewhere.



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