En-Medio Cover Illustrations, 2017 – 2018

En-Medio is a free publication series produced with funding from the Fondo Nacional
para la Cultura y las Artes
(FONCA). The project highlights the delicate status of
Modernist architectural heritage in Mexico City with the evolving stories
of six mid-century masterworks.

Individual issues are dedicated to the Casa Ortega, Súper Servicio Lomas,
Museo Experimental El Eco, Casa Cueva, Restaurante Los Manantiales, and Torre Insignia. Through conversations with those who have lived and worked in the projects of interest, historians who have studied them, activists who have fought for their preservation,
and iconoclasts who have wished them dismantled, En-Medio drops into architectural narratives of the city, long underway, to ask what possible futures lie ahead.