Arina Shabanova

I am a multidisciplinary artist currently based in Moscow. Also I co-run the brand "Galka". Work spans across painting, sculpture, collage, animation, and textiles.

In my artistic practice, I explore the theme of personal mythology. Inspired by alternative medicine methods, bodily practices, and the study of the human body and consciousness. I delve into various resource states through active interaction with nature and observation of the surrounding world. Utilizing found materials, predominantly stones, twigs, and tree trunks washed ashore, I create mediator characters, guides to the world of the inhuman, which find their place in my paintings, drawings, animations, and small sculptures. Sticks, tree branches, chestnuts easily fold into a complete figure, but there is a feeling that all this can fall apart and lie on the grass if we turn away.

*catalog of works in stock is available upon request: a.shabanova@yahoo.com

2011-2015 — British Higher School of Art and Design (Moscow).
Bachelor of Arts in Illustration, University of Hertfordshire
Feb-March 2022 — Pavel Grishin’s New Painting School

Solo Exhibition:
2024 Arina Shabanova at Palaty MoscowSamplePalaty Moscow

Selected Group Exhibitions:
2023 The ground is slipping from under your feet, Hleb Dom, Moscow
2022 Blazar, Museum of Moscow, Moscow
2022 3.Art-Space-Hooping, Studios at Pokrovka, Moscow
2021 Green Line, Moscow Transport Museum, Moscow
2015 Soroka storyline exhibition, Fumetto, Luzern
2015 Work mode, BHSAD, Moscow
2013 The Body Machine, BHSAD, Moscow
2012 Art-Park, Flacon, Moscow
2012 The Secret 7”, NOW Gallery, London

2024 It’sNiceThat
2022 The Blueprint

2019 It’sNiceThat