The «Egg» series

Reflections on the different stages of pregnancy.

The Beginning

In Ayurveda, everything consists of 5 elements: ether, air, fire, water and earth. These natural forces are manifested in everything, including being reflected in a person, forming his constitution and psycho-emotional state.
And here you become the center of connection of these primary elements. You do not make direct efforts, but every second an uncountable number of processes take place inside you that do not depend on you Everything goes on as usual, and you become an observer of the incredible: how the whole universe is born out of nothing. Inside of you. Freezing and breathing softly.

The Blossom

The new state fills all space. Expansion: physical, mental, spiritual. There are so many of you, you are everywhere. Everything has become so distant with this new perspective. You blossom and reach for the sun, like a flower at the peak of the sweetest spring. I breathe in the aroma of change, I breathe out all the past fetters. I'm getting bigger and it's irreversible. Everything inside glows. Unusual all-consuming joy.

The Power

Earthing. This energy is in you. New abilities are revealed, intuition becomes stronger. Accumulation time, in order to give it out later. Such a native flow of mother nature, so familiar, so powerful, and at the same time not known. This experience is a gift from the universe. It has rooted in your essence and holds you tight-tight, now you are in the right place. Take my hand, I'll share it with you.

The Change

Birth is a small death. This power knocks you off your feet. The pretense dies, the years of unnecessary fuss and husks. It's dark and scary, but only at first. It is difficult to find yourself real, fearless and free. Having found, the old self cannot be returned. Grow new roots, cover yourself with young foliage. The fruits will ripen as soon as you open your eyes.

The Stranger

Hello Stranger. I see you for the first time, but the look is so familiar to me. I don’t know what roads you walked, what lessons you passed along the way, but I really waited for you. Your sight makes me tremble: a pair of arms and a pair of legs, eyes and ears; everything is exactly like mine, but with a quirk. Your floral fragrance speaks of a heavenly origin, it turned my head and does not let me sleep. Hello Wanderer, I want to hear your stories and get to know you better.